The pandemic of influenza has put increasing numbers of businesses into an unsteady state and has led to more board meetings taking place online than ever before. Remote work is likely to be a permanent change in how board members are expected to function. It is therefore crucial to ensure that your meetings are productive and engaging. This article will give simple guidelines you can follow to enhance your virtual meetings.

Establish specific goals for each agenda item. This will help you avoid wasting time on unnecessary discussions and make sure that all participants feel valued. It’s also helpful to clearly define whether a discussion is designed to gather information, provoke discussion, or lead to a conclusion so that your team isn’t wasting time discussing the same subject when it’s already been resolved.

Let board members test their Wi-Fi and audio/video equipment prior to the meeting so that it can start smoothly. In addition, it’s a good practice to encourage your attendees to turn off their phones when they aren’t speaking so as to minimize background noise and prevent distractions.

The minutes of every meeting on your website, and send a link to your board members via email. This will help keep everyone on schedule between meetings and increase accountability. Boardable is a specific board management program, can help you organize all your board papers and store them in one location.