To maximize the value of members in their time, it’s crucial to conduct board meetings efficiently and efficiently. Planning ahead is essential to ensure that the meeting is on schedule and that the board members have all the materials they require in advance. Visual aids and presentations are great ways to boost participation and aid in the discussion process. They can provide the most complete picture of issues.

Board members are experts in their field and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. It’s crucial, however, to balance their knowledge with a certain amount of professionalism and a readiness to listen to other views. This will help everyone communicate, and result in productive discussions which lead to productive decisions.

Begin the meeting on time

Punctuality is crucial to the effectiveness of the board meeting, particularly when it’s a virtual meeting. Getting started on time will set the atmosphere for the rest the meeting and ensures that all crucial aspects are covered.

Make sure quorum is present

To begin the meeting, the presiding officer must call the roll of all participants including presiding officers and staff members. If a quorum does not present, the meeting can’t take place.

Approve the agenda, which includes the minutes from the previous meeting

After approving the agenda the board will then review the minutes from the previous meeting. This allows the board to review any changes or prioritizations that need to be made. Then, the board can move onto the next item of business.