Online board meetings are an excellent option to keep board members interested and make decisions without having to travel. However, a few common challenges could hinder the effectiveness of your meetings and hamper the productivity of your board.

Disconnections. Remote participants may experience difficulties connecting to a virtual conference, unlike attendees in person. While this might not be a major issue, it can create a feeling of disconnection and decrease engagement levels. Make sure you provide the highest quality video conferencing system that is simple to use and has high-quality sound.

Inadequate documentation. A vital aspect of a board meeting is taking minutes, which should be precise and clear. The minutes-taker should keep a record of all important discussions and decisions verbatim to avoid confusion later on. You should also consider investing in a system of document management that lets you securely share and archive meetings materials and records.

Low board member engagement. The camaraderie and discussions that take place in-person between board members can be difficult to duplicate online. To combat this, try adding a few ice-breakers, breakout sessions or even a quiz to your meeting.

Time limitations. The limited time available to discuss each item in an online board meeting can be a major drawback. Set a time limit for each discussion. Make sure not to overwhelm your directors’ minds with topics that are difficult to discuss.