NFT Marketplace Magic Eden began to display 18+ content

NFT-marketplace Magic Eden temporarily began to display pornographic content instead of NFT due to hacking the provider that was responsible for caching images. Representatives of the site reported this on their Twitter.

Source: Twitter.Com

What kind of provider are we talking about, it is unclear. It is also not clear how the attackers were able to fake images so that incorrect content is displayed at Magic Eden. Representatives of the NFT marketplace assure that the non-replaced users’ tokens are safe, and the trading platform itself has not been hacking.

Source: Twitter.Com

Users with irony reacted to the incident, saying that they even had to buy tokens with pornographic content in the hope of an exclusive collection of pictures. Magic Eden was advised to update the cache in the browser to solve problems with the display of incorrect images. At the time of writing, the problem with the incorrect display of NFT on the marketplace is solved.

  • Magic Eden is a NFT market for SOLANA. Marketplais was launched on September 21, 2021, and a team of experts is engaged in its development, whose shoulders work in companies such as Uber and META (recognized by the authorities of the Russian Federation and prohibited in the country).
  • The site has repeatedly managed to attract large amounts of funding. For example, in March 2022, the platform received $ 27 million. After a couple of months, in June 2022, the project attracted $ 130 million when estimated at $ 1.6 billion. Magic Eden is considered one of the main competitors of Opensea. For example, as of the summer of 2022, it was Magic Eden and X2Y2 that accounted for the most activity after Opensea.
  • According to the marketplace team, the number of site visitors per month exceeds 22 million. According to DAPPRADAR, almost 900,000 traders operate on the marketplace, and the average price of the platform lot is $ 163,64.

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