bloXroute Labs has raised $70 million to develop high-frequency DeFi

The bloXroute Labs team has closed a $70 million Series B funding round led by the SoftBank Vision Fund 2. The funds raised will go toward improving high-frequency trading in the DeFi sphere.

Insane how in 4 yrs we moved from
— «this a is a really cool idea!»
— «we raised another $70M from Softabnk, Flow Traders, Lightspeed, Jane Steet, etc»

best part — this is *nothing* compared to what @bloXrouteLabs will unleash later this year!

— Uri // klarman.eth (@uriklarman) April 12, 2022

В раунде также участвовали Dragonfly Capital, ParaFi Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, GSR, Jane Street, Flow Traders, RBF Capital и другие.

Оценка bloXroute Labs не раскрыта. Общий объем привлеченных средств достиг $95 млн.

Полученное финансирование фирма направит на увеличение штата сотрудников с нынешних 30 до 100.

Стартап позиционирует себя как «Flash Boys для DeFi» — разработанное решение BackRunMe позволяет осуществлять конфиденциальные транзакции, устойчивые к фронтраннингу и сэндвич-атакам. Users avoid network congestion and get important trading information like market orders quickly.

«At DeFi, you need to be in touch with everyone, because important information – prices, positions, arbitrage opportunities – can come from anywhere. BloXroute disseminates data almost at the speed of light, allowing our users to make better trades.», – Startup CEO Uri Klarman explained to The Block.

The solution supports Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon.

«We foresee interesting uses for [the product] in segments such as NFT, meta universes and blockchain games,», – Aaron Wong of SoftBank Investment Advisors told CoinDesk.

As a reminder, DeFi-project 1inch launched a mobile wallet for Android devices in March 2022. Among its features is support for Flashbot transactions that protect users from frontrunning and sandwich attacks.