At this time, the waiting period for depositing money was 2 weeks. The following client complains that there are no problems with withdrawing money, but only when it comes to small amounts. As the sum grows to the conclusion, more and more often it is accompanied by various technical problems. This is a strange situation only for the trader. In the process of transferring money, money is often just lost, and the broker has one excuse – it’s a technical failure in the payment system, we are not responsible for it. With this «Kitchen» it is impossible to earn money.

LimeFx cheating

LimeFx is a proven broker that is equally comfortable for both professional traders and beginners to work with. LimeFx clients’ assets are protected from the gap, and Forex trading takes place in the most convenient conditions with professional support from the broker. Analytics and news on the broker’s website; trading platforms cTrader, MT4 and MT5; many currency pairs; there is a cryptocurrency. I am finally sure about the safety of my trading account. There is so much scam on the forex market, unfortunately and one of the objective factors to look at while choosing a broker is official regulation. LimeFx is regulated by four different organisations which is more than just credible.

How to trade with LimeFx

I like their cTrader very much a trading with this platform doesn’t support cryptos, so I had to open a Metatrader 4 account to trade cryptos. I liked using the services of this broker because they are very reliable and transparent. I used the services of this broker because it offers a wide range of trading instruments, customer support that is always available, and their spreads are very competitive. Several trading platforms; opportunity to install VPS server; several types of accounts; fast support service.

Yes, of course you can use LimeFx Direct to make deposits and withdrawals. By the way, the broker is regulated and has many licenses. So, withdrawals here are transparent and fast.

Logically, if the deal was not open, how could it be closed by a stop? Yes, no matter how, but the history limefx courses scam of trader transactions suggests otherwise. These are the miracles happening in this «kitchen».

LimeFx cheating

After this he or she should fill in a corresponding form. To get this form, contact the broker’s support team on the site. 5 different types of accounts on 4 different platforms. Many traders trade here and I read mostly good reviews aout it.

Even for news trading that is not reasonable. Dude, 0.23 lots with a 50$ account…you are looking for margin call with such aggressive style. I was thinking about a condition that is allowing the EA to place orders the second after spread has widdened.

Examples of problems with the withdrawal of money experienced by the clients of LimeFx

LimeFx withdraws money quickly and without any problems. In addition, he helps to earn this money. I think this is great, so I advise everyone to open an LimeFx demo account and try trading here. The capabilities of the ctrader trading platform are optimal in this case. The database server provides simultaneous processing of several orders, allowing you not to miss the right moments to enter the market and implement them with minimal slippage.

  • The client warns that at night there are often interruptions of the exchange rates, sometimes you should wait for 5-15 minutes.
  • In order to avoid scamming, you need to stay away from the «Kitchen» as far as possible.
  • Once this is done, you can start trading.
  • Even for news trading that is not reasonable.
  • Regarding trading conditions and leverage, LimeFx is excellent.

Lots of good services and features.I’ve had no complaints about the broker. I like the simplicity of all services in LimeFx. There are no barriers to normal trading. Registration and usability of profile are very simple, withdrawal of funds is quick and without any problems. For them to claim that theyre a pure ecn broker is absurd.

LimeFx Scam Reviews cheat, fraud or an Honest Broker?

After filling in the registration form. Nothing complicated, in order to begin to cooperate with the broker LimeFx. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Education is probably the only area where LimeFx performs below the industry average. Unlike most other brokers, there is a lack of lessons for beginners, and courses are not that well organized.

LimeFx cheating

Nevertheless, I managed to find something worthy here. I have been trading with robots for a bit more than half a year. I buy them, but I hope I will start creating on my own soon. Long ago I studied programming languages, I need to catch up with it. They allow all kind of strategies including scalping. Algorithmic trading is also available and they offer quite good soft for building strategies.

LimeFx , PBFX Broker Comparison

The analytics and quotes are also at a high level. There are no trading restrictions, all advisors are allowed, scalping is also allowed. If you want to trade without surprises, this is the place for you.

LimeFx Withdrawals

In addition, the reason for opening an account here was the excellent speed of processing orders. Earlier I was used to trading manually and was prone to neglecting algorithmic trading. I was convinced that robots were offered by scams and was convinced that the only way to trade was to manually open and close trades. I simply couldn’t admit a thought that it could be possible to trade another way.

Demo Account ⏳

The official website simply does not provide such information, while the community of Russian-speaking customers is pretty big. According to the representative of LimeFx, they do prohibit trading on the news, but there is a plugin that every time delays the opening and closing of transactions. This is especially true to those customers who make good profits from trading. limefx However, not all dealing center clients are practicing the slippage technique. Another trader mentions the large slippage while the support service doesn’t give a clear answer to why this happens. The problem appears not only when a stop order is closed but also the opened orders at LimeFx are not at the stated price, which also brings many problems to traders.

Plus it has no restrictions for the assets availability, unlike cTrader. The fact that it supports MT4, MT5, cTrader, and has a proprietary trading platform is amazing, so everyone can find something suitable. Moreover, fees there are low, so it’s a great option for novice traders.

LimeFx’s conditions are the same as all brokers I have traded with, and the spreads are even slightly wider here. LimeFx provides a broad, diverse set of trading tools and research. Old and reliable broker with FCA regulation. I have spent most of my experience trading currency pairs. However, now I devote more time to cryptocurrency trading. But, I often make several trades with different assets.